Who Is Replacing Adam Levine On ‘The Voice’?


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The Voice Is Changing Forever

Just two weeks ago, The Voice confirmed its lineup of coaches for its upcoming 17th season, which will kick off in the fall. Much to viewers’ delight, the show revealed that its entire panel of coaches for Season 16 would be returning to coach Season 17 as well.

That lineup included Blake Shelton, new champion John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Adam Levine



It’s standard practice for The Voice to announce its next season’s coaching lineup while the current season is still airing. That’s because the show often films blind auditions for one season at the same time they’re filming lives for another.

Because of this crossover in schedules, the show needs to have a coaching lineup established at least a season in advance, if not further. That’s why the Season 17 coaches were already announced long before the Season 16 finale.

However, it turns out that the Season 17 lineup wasn’t as secure as everyone thought, because on Friday (May 24), it was announced that Levine will not be returning.

Why Did He Decide To Go?

No reason for Levine’s sudden departure was given by Voice host Carson Daly, who announced the news on the TODAY Show. Though those who watched Season 16 knew that the coach had a rough time on the show, which may have led to his choice to quit.

In Season 16, The Voice introduced a new fan-voted cross battles round that pitted members of opposing teams against each other. While some walked away with nice-sized teams, Levine lost almost all of his artists and had just a few team members left. Those remaining team members were eventually eliminated as well, leaving Levine without a team for the last few weeks of the show.

During an interview behind the scenes of The Voice, Levine spoke of how much he disliked the cross battles. “I hated it. I hope they change it immediately, cause I think it sucks,” he said.

After news of his departure broke, Levine took to Instagram to say “thank you” to the many people he had worked with on the show.

In that post he didn’t explain the reason why he chose to leave, but did say he decided “it was time to move on.”


Although it was clear to those who watched the show that Levine was unhappy, news of his departure still blindsided Voice viewers and his fellow coaches.

Both Shelton and Clarkson reacted to the news on Twitter, and both said they had just learned the day before that Levine was leaving the show.

A Rush To Find A Replacement

After Levine’s last-minute decision to leave, The Voice was left in a desperate position to find a replacement coach in time to start filming blind auditions. So, the show turned to someone who has coached in the past.

In his TODAY Show announcement, Daly also revealed who will be filling Levine’s spot on The Voice. And that someone will be Gwen Stefani, a three-time former coach who also just so happens to be Shelton’s girlfriend.

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Shelton and Stefani’s relationship blossomed when the pair filmed Season 9, and was publicly confirmed in November of that year. The two later got the chance to coach together yet again when Stefani returned for Season 12.

But that was several seasons ago now, so Stefani’s return to the show has been anticipated for quite some time! While we’re glad to have her back, it saddens us that Levine won’t be returning.

You can learn more about his departure from the show by watching Daly’s TODAY Show announcement below.