Dale Jr. Finally Addresses The Death Of His Mother


Getty Images / Patrick Smith, Twitter / JR Motorsports


Earlier today, the tragic passing of Brenda Jackson, mother to Dale Earnhardt Jr. was announced on Twitter via his longtime company and team, JR Motorsports. She was just 65 years old.

Dale Jr., who was voted NASCAR’s most popular driver 14 times in a row, lost his mother, Brenda Jackson, just one day after Easter Day on April 22nd, 2019. Dale Jr. previously lost his father 18 years ago in a crash during a NASCAR race.

Twitter / JR Motorsports

Jackson is the mother to both Dale Jr. and his sister Kelley Earnhardt-Miller. She married world-famous racer Dale Earnhardt Sr. in 1972 and shortly after welcomed both her beloved children into the world. She is also the daughter of stock car builder Robert Gee who crafted rides for multiple drivers in the 60s and 70s.

In the late 1980s, Jackson re-married and moved back to North Carolina – which was much closer to her children and her grandbabies. Kelley has three children one of which, Karsyn Elledge, is an aspiring racer like her uncle and grandpa! Dale Jr. and wife Amy, welcomed their first child, Isla, into the world in May 2018.

Both she and Kelley Earnhardt worked at JR Motorsports for quite some time, helping Dale Jr. build a blossoming family business – and being close to spend time together while they worked alongside each other.

As part of her tenure at JR Motorsports, she even took up some roles in their funny YouTube videos and also appeared on both Dale Jr. and Kelley’s popular podcasts.

Jackson’s tragic passing was announced by JR Motorsports on their official website earlier today (April 22nd) and they included a beautiful statement about what a joy she was to have as part of the JRM team – and how deeply she will be missed. They also released a video memoir expressing how much they all loved working with her for the past 15 years.

According to the statement, she passed away after a battle with cancer.

“Known for her wit, charisma and unparalleled ability to cut to the heart of any matter, Jackson became an instant favorite to her friends and colleagues at JR Motorsports when she joined the company as an accounting specialist in 2004. Her sarcastic musings and straightforward approach injected a brand of humor at JR Motorsports that became part of its fabric as it grew into a full-time NASCAR racing operation in 2006 and a championship-winning organization in 2014.”

While there had been an official statement from the company released earlier in the day, nearly all family members had remained quiet on social media.

Now, Dale Jr. has broken his silence and publicly addressed the tragic loss of his wonderful mother. In a tweet sent out this evening, Dale Jr. opened up about her passing – and thanked all of his friends, family, and supporters for their kind words and show of love.

“I’m glad her suffering has ended and she can be at peace,” he began. “She would be in tears of happiness over the words of support and remembrance she’s been shown today. Our family appreciates it as well. She will live in our hearts forever.”

Memorial contributions can be sent to Piedmont Animal Rescue in Brenda Jackson’s honor or to Hospice and Palliative Care of Iredell.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dale Jr. and his family during this very difficult time.

Watch this beautiful Mother’s Day moment he shared with her in the video below and join us in saying a prayer for them in their time of great loss.