Carrie Underwood Finally Shows Baby Jacob’s Face In New Photo


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Carrie & Mike Are Selective With Sharing

Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, have always been selective with the photos they share of their son, Isaiah. When he was younger, the two hardly ever posted pictures of him that showed his full face.

They didn’t even use a photo of his full face to announce his birth, opting instead to just show part of his face and his hand.


When Carrie finally did show Isaiah’s face in a public photo, it was a huge deal. Nowadays, full face photos of Isaiah aren’t a rarity, but Carrie and Mike are still selective with how many pictures they post of their little man and how often they take him out in public.

But he has participated in his fair share of public events. Earlier this year, he stepped out with Mike to drop the ceremonial first puck at a Nashville Predators match. Mike was a former Preds captain, so the moment was a special one for father and son.

Carrie didn’t appear to be at the event, which makes sense, because she had just given birth to her second child, son Jacob, shortly before. Surprisingly, Carrie and Mike shared photos of Jacob’s face right after his birth, and fans were overjoyed to see them.

Mike only shared one photo of Jacob, while Carrie posted three.

The Newest Jacob Picture Is Precious

Up until recently, Jacob’s birth announcement was the only time Carrie and Mike broke their normal pattern of typically shielding their sons’ faces from the world. Neither one shared a new photo of Jacob for months after his birth, and when Carrie finally did, it just showed his feet.

Finally, fans got the chance to take a peek at baby Jacob’s adorable little face for the first time in ages when Carrie shared a new photo of him in late April. Now three months old, Jacob is preparing to join his mama on her brand-new tour, which kicks off on Wednesday (May 1).

The photo Carrie posted shows Isaiah being held in the stands while his mama rehearses for her upcoming tour. He’s sporting a pair of protective ear muffs and seen sleeping in someone’s arms.

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

The picture is dark so you can’t see much…but you can clearly make out Jacob’s tiny eyes and nose. How cute!

Carrie and Mike waited quite some time before they were comfortable sharing lots of photos of Isaiah. So fans were delighted when Carrie included some never-before-seen photos of her son in a video montage that accompanied her song “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted.”

If you haven’t seen that video, you likely haven’t seen those photos, so be sure to check it out below.

Hopefully Carrie and Mike will choose to make a similar montage with photos of Jacob. But if they don’t, that’s alright too. We certainly understand their desire to keep him out of the spotlight for as long as they can!