After 3 Months, Carrie Underwood Finally Shares New Photo Of Son Jacob


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Carrie & Mike Keep Family Life Private

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher welcomed their second child earlier this year. Jacob Bryan Fisher was born on January 21, joining big brother Isaiah, age four.

Two days later, Carrie and Mike took to social media to share the happy news along with a few photos of their new bundle of joy. It was clear that mom, dad, and big brother were smitten with their new addition.


Fans were surprised that the couple was willing to share as many photos as they did, and that they showed Jacob’s face. The two have been cautious about how many photos they share of Isaiah, and often don’t show his face.

In fact, when Isaiah was born, Carrie and Mike only shared a single photo, and it showed nothing but his hand and part of his face.

But although Carrie and Mike decided to share a few more photos of Jacob when he was born, they refrained from sharing any more. Three months passed, and still no new photo of Jacob had been shared online by either Carrie or Mike.

Fans did get the chance to briefly see Jacob in a video that Mike shared in February. The video shows Carrie holding Jacob while singing “Happy Birthday” to Isaiah after breathing in some helium from a balloon.

Finally, A New Photo

Until recently, that video was the only time fans have seen Jacob since his birth. Finally, Carrie chose to share a photo of her little one on social media, posting the adorable snapshot on Thursday (April 18).

Although the photo does not show Jacob’s face, it’s still as cute as can be. You can see nothing except for his little baby feet, which Carrie is clearly in love with.

Want. To. Eat. These. Toes,” she wrote.

While we’d love to see more photos of Jacob in the future, we respect Carrie and Mike’s decision to keep their kids out of the spotlight. Maybe Carrie will be willing to share a few more photos of him now, but if she doesn’t, we’re alright with that!

Carrie and Mike didn’t share that many photos of Isaiah in his first year. But they did hang on to a few of their favorites and later included them in a video montage that played during Carrie’s Storyteller tour. That montage supported her song “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted,” and it was precious.

You can catch those rare photos of Isaiah in the video below. How sweet would it be if they did something like this with Jacob’s photos one day?